Identifying and Executing Upon Multiple Ways to Win

Within our investment team and Executive Resource Group, we have assembled operational and strategic resources to help our portfolio companies reach their full potential. Our collaborative, team-based approach provides seamless interaction with portfolio company leadership teams in addressing business challenges, scaling and professionalizing, and creating sustainable value.

Examples of performance enhancement initiatives that we’ve undertaken within our portfolio:

Operational Excellence

  • Implement Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement
  • Optimize and de-risk supply chains
  • Expand, enhance, and/or greenfield facilities
  • Leverage modern manufacturing technology and tools
  • Enhance business analytics, financial reporting, and visibility through ERP/IT systems
  • Assist with industry-specific certifications and qualifications

Organic Revenue Growth

  • Improve go-to-market resources, tools, and infrastructure
  • Enhance commercial and customer support teams
  • Optimize sales channels
  • Facilitate international growth and expansion
  • Boost R&D and new product development initiatives
  • Emphasize capital allocation in support of strong ROI opportunities

Strategy and Organizational Development

  • Engage in fulsome strategic planning and monitoring
  • Address gaps within leadership teams
  • Enhance insights through metrics and reporting systems
  • Implement market-based management compensation and equity plans
  • Leverage extensive network of industry resources and relationships

Add-on Acquisitions

  • Develop strategic acquisition road map
  • Prioritize product, capability, customer, and geographic gaps
  • Cultivate acquisition targets and facilitate outreach
  • Leverage international network and resources when relevant
  • Integrate complementary add-on businesses

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