We are industrial sector specialists and business builders. We support growth strategies with multiple ways to win.

Our firm philosophy of “Do the Right Thing. Every Day.” is fundamental to how we collaborate. Born out of our experience with, and upbringing in, entrepreneur and family-owned industrial companies, we see success as the culmination of diligent work, sound judgment, and transparent communication.

Placing the human element at the forefront is vital to us. Good business ideas are common, but forming great teams to execute upon them is the difference maker. We collaborate with business owners and management teams to achieve common goals. Alignment of values drives team building and culture development in our everyday actions.

We provide significant operating, strategic, and financial resources to the table to help our companies grow and prosper. We strive to provide thoughtful, creative solutions to any situation.

Realizing Full Potential

Central to our value creation strategy is propelling lower middle-market companies to the next level by modernizing operations, adding key management talent, and implementing both near and long-term strategies.

Lower Middle-Market Focus

May River partners with industrial growth businesses (under $100M in revenue) and manages $1 billion in regulatory assets. Currently, we are investing in new platforms out of our third fund, which is approximately $500M.


Over 30 platform and add-on acquisitions completed in the US, UK, and EU since 2012.


Over 20 team members focused on investment, business development, and operational support activities.

Executive Resource Group

Our ERG members act as force multipliers in all phases of the investment process and are available to assist our companies with achieving operational and strategic objectives.

Let’s Partner

Our success is grounded in developing relationships with like-minded people, teams, and organizations.