Our Story

May River Capital is a private equity investment firm based in Chicago and founded by three partners seeking to help lower middle-market, high-caliber industrial businesses grow and thrive.  With roots in family-owned industrial companies and decades of industry experience to draw upon, our specific industry focus creates value for all constituencies – employees, investors, customers, and suppliers.

As we are often one of the first institutional investors in our portfolio companies, we work closely with management to make fundamental operational and strategic changes that catalyze future growth.  These initiatives may involve implementing new technology, modernizing and optimizing operations, and/or considering add-on acquisitions to augment organic growth.

To date, May River Capital has raised more than $650M in committed capital and has invested in 11 platform companies, as well as completed 17 add-on acquisitions.

To date, May River Capital has raised over $650M in committed capital and invested in 11 platform companies.

Our Philosophy

“Do the right thing. Every day.”

It’s a simple thought, but one that is fundamental to how we work and collaborate with others. Born out of our experience and upbringing in family-owned industrial companies, we believe that success is the culmination of hard work, due diligence, open communication and sound judgment. Placing the human element at the forefront is vital to us, which is why we emphasize aligning values when we build teams, business cultures, and in our everyday actions.